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         Dr. Maria Dowding


I have spent my life working in corporate settings.  My focus has been on thinking outside the box as I found my way through a world that had been closed to women, level by level, and filled with a landscape no one knew for sure how to deal with to find success.  The two lessons I learned that were most impactful are overcome fear and define the new path only now being understood by those who faced the challenge.  Everything was an uphill struggle against tradition and the path could only be forged anew, no pathway to success exsisted.  I learned the secrets to how a woman makes it in an environment that resists change.  I found the best way to organize a way to inspire and communicate with others in the same situation is through inspirational surroundings and endless education that I had to chip a way at to find ways that could help me in my struggle.  My art and books now are dedicated to help the next generational wave to be faster, smarter, and better prepared on their terms to make their life spectacular. 

My field of study and area of focus is Organizational Leadership.  The drive and skill for life and business come from the same place.  Knowing how to change yourself and the world around you to even a little better moves you to the next level of a lived life.  My work was by determination and focus, giving me insights I could get no other way.  Working in both the US and Mexico, I have formulated and tested the benefits of designing and establishing new dynamics for my clients. While working for 20 years in management, then training and consulting for 14 years, I have observed and improved on my ability to get results. Some of the companies I have worked with include AT&T, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The Freeman Company - events and conventions, T-Mobile, Hyatt Hotels and more. My Doctorate is in management behavior and my degree in Psychology is based in organizational dynamics. I have presented in conventions, classrooms, seminars, and lecture halls. I currently live in Dallas, Texas where I continues to work hard to inspire and give insight into what is possible.



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